2018 | Keep Climbing

December 31, 2017



As I reflect upon 2017, Chicagoland Smile Group has grown almost 300%, which represents the increase in the number of offices by 200%, as well as a 400% increase in the total number of primary and secondary clinicians; nothing short of an outstanding growth-focused year. But, while I look out at this mountain and it's clouded peak, it dawned on me - how can we know that we have reached the peak of our growth? We can't and, I would contend, we shouldn't. If we are always growing, both personally and professionally, we won't reach a ceiling because the possibilities will truly be limitless.


When I think about 2018, I am excited for myself and Chicagoland Smile Group to embody the mantra of "Keep Climbing." Happy New Year to you and your family.



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